22. A View of Paris


Paris, France

I had always wanted to go to Paris. Since I was a little kid and I had a little toy globe in my room. I saw the little Eiffel Tower on the globe and I wondered what it really looked like. I wanted to see the art and the buildings and hear French people say things like “fromage” and “oui”. I’m happy to report that I finally got to see Paris and it met essentially all of my expectations.

This photo is kinda how I’ve always imagined Paris. Slightly faded, black and white, dark but warm at the same time, always able to see the Eiffel Tower from wherever you are. The reality was Paris wasn’t in black in white it was in color. But the attitude and culture of the city was exactly as I had always imagined it was. This city was proud of itself. Avenues in the city were absurdly large. Massive monuments would just appear. Modern elements like abstract sculpture would be placed directly next to Egyptian style obelisks. There would be huge open parks with well maintained gardens and huge fountains to relax beside. Museums had unbelievable collections of art. The food was delicious. I would like to give a particular shoutout to some duck I had on my 21st birthday. It was the greatest dish I’ve ever eaten.

Above all else, Paris is a city with charm, character, and identity. I’m so fortunate and grateful I finally got to see this city, one that I’ve always dreamed of seeing. I’m excited to get back and see it once again.


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