31. Blur


Barcelona, Spain

From this vantage point over the city of Barcelona you feel small. This was taken on top of the Bunkers, which were leftover from the Spanish Civil War. After hustling to get to the top of the hill in time for sunset (I think I’m still exhausted from that hike), we watched the city slowly transition from day to night as the street lights came on across the city. 

While abroad I learned a lot about myself and the world. The world is both big and small. I think I want to do something with my life where I help people. Money isn’t important, its just paper. You can learn more traveling for one day then you can in a library in a lifetime.

It was hard to really understand that each of the lights of the cars driving along the avenues of Barcelona were driven by individuals. There were just so many of them. Each one of those people had a story, a completely unique life experience the product of almost infinitesimally small odds of human reproduction. Yet here they all were, laid out in front of me, impossible to understand. It is fitting then that this photo is blurry. In a way everything we see and experience is somehow blurred. You can’t get a complete picture of anything its all a matter of our own perception of things. You could spend your entire life sitting on this hilltop in Barcelona and still not fully appreciate everything you were seeing.

In Barcelona I visited 3 of my friends from the summer camp I went to and worked at, Camp Becket. Becket raised me. It gave me some of the strongest connections of my life. Reconnecting with some of my friends from Becket this weekend in Barcelona was very special for me. It’s easy to lose focus of whats important in life but a great weekend with friends can really remind you of why you get up in the morning.

Photo taken on: April 9th, 2016 9:04 PM


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