42. Budapest from the Statue of Liberty


Budapest, Hungary

After the storm cleared we climbed the hill that led to the Statue of Liberty. No not the green lady who stands outside New York the Hungarian Statue of Liberty which is equally as impressive. It sits on top of a large hill that overlooks Buda and Pest. Climbing up the hill was worth it for this breathtaking view of Budapest. 

What did this trip mean to me? It was in part one step in a series of moments that you plan out for life. You grow up, graduate high school, go to college, go abroad, graduate, get a job, start a family etc. But in moments like this one where I stood and saw something so beautiful that words cannot do it justice, it was more than that. Being abroad wasn’t about the view, or the facebook posts, or the food. It was about experiencing something that without my travels I never would have.

Time moves fast, each instant that goes by is just that, an instant. Thats why when I had the unbelievable blessing to see something like this view I took just a moment longer to appreciate it. 5 more seconds I would tell myself. Force yourself to stay somewhere for 5 more seconds. Take it in. Appreciate that you are here right now and in this moment in time you will always be here. Beauty by nature is ephemeral. If we are lucky enough to be somewhere at the right time you can get a view like this. As I’ve said to many people part of me never came back from Budapest, Vienna, etc. That’s not meant in a depressing way but more that I left part of myself there and a new part of me took hold. Part of me is still standing in that spot overlooking Budapest. Forever and always part of me will be standing there in that moment of time. In a way its comforting to know that.

Photo taken on: May 7th, 2016 5:41 PM


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