54. Untitled


Vienna, Austria.

This photo was taken on Donau Insel, on my last full day in Vienna. After renting a boat to go on the river we walked along the island and found this cove with dozens of swans. The boy in this picture fearlessly went up to the swans to try to pet them. In a way, I couldn’t help but see myself in him. The world is a tumultuous place with an almost infinite number of unknowns. There’s a desire within all of us to explore and learn more about the world around us. Its almost childlike, our desire to find out more about the nature of things. This boy reflected my feeling, that Janurary to May 2016 was a time when I learned more about myself then any other time. Before I came to Austria, I would have been afraid to reach for the swan, but after I realized that you have to go for it to learn about yourself.

Photo taken on: May 28th, 2016 1:27 PM


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