44. Die Blume


Vienna, Austria

It’s almost cliche to talk about all of the graffiti in Europe. I’ve heard from friends of mine who’ve been to Europe saying “I can’t believe all the graffiti thats everywhere!” While it is true that there is a lot of graffiti, I don’t think that its necessarily more prevalent I just think its more visible. 

I will say that I saw much more graffiti in the touristy areas then I think you would see in comparable locations in the United States.  That’s what I mean it was more visible. People didn’t really try to hide graffiti and a lot of times graffiti could be particularly shocking. Usually graffiti would depict a political message or a controversial idea. I would say on average most graffiti I see in the united states tends to be less audacious. When I’m taking into the train into New York City for example I’ll see a lot of graffiti of individual artists tags. While these are undoubtably cool and aesthetically pleasing they arent quite as memorable as some of the graffiti I saw in Europe. So I guess my response to the cliche of “graffiti is everywhere” is “cool graffiti is everywhere”.

The title translates to “The Flower”.

Photo taken on: May 14th, 2016 3:29 PM




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