40. Hungarian Baths


Budapest, Hungary

A unique feature of Budapest was its public baths. The one I went too was in a large park and was regarded as the more touristy and popular one in the city. Overall it was a fascinating experience. The baths were fed by spring water and the pools were packed with travelers from around the world. At first being in the water was nice and refreshing but shortly thereafter you realized I’m swimming with hundreds of complete strangers in a tiny pool. 

This was undoubtedly gross. Despite its grossness it was a cool experience that I would recommend people try at least once, and I have heard there are nicer cleaner public baths in the city. The area around the bath was beautiful. It used to be a Hapsburg palace that was converted into a bath for the public. There was a large square nearby built in the style of classical roman forums. A castle overlooked a tributary of the Danube that ran through the area.

Part of what made the public bath a worthwhile experience was the history of it. For most of human history public baths were a place where people came together and shared fresh spring water together. Again, a gross prospect by modern standards but you could sense that it was a beautiful thing in a way that people could come together and enjoy the baths. It felt romanesque to be in such a beautiful setting with all walks of live together in a public forum.

Photo taken on: May 6th, 2016 2:06 PM


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