36. Standing Ovation


Vienna, Austria

Music was the pulse of Vienna. I’ve never been to a city where the Orchestra, Opera, and musical arts were such a prominent part of the cities’ culture. This is the Musikverein, one of the spectacular spaces in Vienna. If you waited long enough in line you could get standing room seats at the Musikverein or the Staatsoper for a very reasonable price. Listening to an orchestra perform in this space felt poetic. I was never a huge fan of classical music until I came to Vienna. 

I suppose I just never understood classical music. It felt boring, antiquated and not as relevant as modern music. After being in the Musikverein and living in Vienna I understand its appeal. Classical music is about the experience and performance as much as the actual music. Watching live as a group of performers create an intricate piece of music is as thrilling as going to a pop concert with a laser light show. The performance hall of the Musikverein alone was entertaining enough. It was dazzling. Gold lined every surface and everywhere you looked was another amazing piece of sculpture or painting.

The audience was particularly entertained by this performance. They were clapping in rhythm, gasping at parts of the performance and gave a long standing ovation when it was finished. A woman brought in a Peruvian flag and proudly displayed it after the Peruvian State Orchestra finished their performance.

They say that Mozart’s first performances inspired riots. People were so enthralled with the music that they literally started rioting. I never understood that. Until I saw the reaction of people inside the Musikverein. It was beautiful music and the energy of the people watching made you feel like you were seeing something truly special. It is wonderful to see that some of the classical traditions of antiquity (the good ones) are still alive and well.

Photo taken on: April 23rd, 2016 9:00 PM


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