33. Salzburg and the Alps


Salzburg, Austria

Taken from the top of the castle in Salzburg. The city of Salzburg was small, but gave greater insight into what rural Austria was like. There were many impressive landmarks in the city, Mozart’s birthplace and childhood home, the amazing Stiegl Brewery, the hilltop castle and the insane views of the Alps. Salzburg was more than just the place where the Sound of Music was filmed. It was an approximation of what it meant to be Austrian. I would like to shoutout our Airbnb hosts in the city who were exceptionally hospitable and shared their home with us.

Nature played a big part of the Salzburg experience. The river cut right through the middle of the city. On all sides mountains towered in the distance. I can imagine a young Mozart, staring out the window of his childhood home at the mountains in the distance. You can easily infer how the tremendous and imposing natural environment Mozart grew up in impacted his music.

Mountains have an aura to them. A sense of natural power and gravitas. They are just so massive in comparison to oneself. In the shadow of the Alps all people from Salzburg lived in connection with these mountains. I felt that this was reflected in their culture, architecture and lifestyle.

Photo taken on: April 16th, 2016 1:50 PM


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