49. Saturday in the Park: By the Albertina


Vienna, Austria

One of my favorite things about Vienna were the attitudes of Austrian people. I felt like the difference between an Austrian and a New Yorker was that New York teaches you life is a rat race and Austria teaches you that life is a waltz. On bright sunny days like this you would see people of all ages outside in one of Vienna’s many public spaces enjoying the weather and each others company. Many businessmen would go outside and take an extra long lunch break. People would take their time getting to work even if they were a few minutes late. I think generally people appreciated that it not worth getting worked up over a few minutes. Whats more important is taking a moment to enjoy a beautiful day.

Unrelated side note, this picture was taken near the Palmenhaus and the Palmenhaus cafe. Both are extremely touristy however the Palmenhaus cafe had some of the best Eiskaffee (Coffee with Ice Cream in it) in the city.

Photo taken on: May 21st, 2016 2:14 PM


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