52. Schönbrunn Palace: A View of Vienna


Vienna, Austria

Schönbrunn Palace was only a couple stops away from my apartment on the Ubahn. It was one of my favorite places in Vienna. There was so much to do and see. An incredible zoo, maze gardens, tours of the palace, but the best thing was to walk up the hill overlooking the palace and just take in the sights. Vienna was once described to me as a “Museum City”. I don’t think thats necessarily true. Sure Vienna has amazing historical buildings that have been remarkably restored after World War II but unlike a museum Vienna invites you to actively engage and interact with these landmarks. In a museum, artifacts are kept at a distance you can admire them but they are behind a glass case impossible to touch. Schönbrunn was meant to be interacted with. The grounds were free and open to the public. There were running paths, a cute train ran up and down the enormous hill. Vienna wanted you to experience these locations in the ways that the Hapsburg rulers used to. In this way Vienna wasn’t a museum it was an attraction.

Photo taken on: May 26th, 2016 3:50 PM


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