27. Out the Window of St. Stephan’s


Vienna, Austria

St. Stephan’s Cathedral was the heart of Vienna and Austria. The beautiful building reflected the city and history of everyone that had lived there. It had been built in various stages, modified, burnt down, bombed out, and rebuilt. The interior of the church was a beautiful baroque gothic combination that was particularly impressive at night. I loved the detailed colorful roof of St. Stephan’s. This view was taken on my way up one of the towers of the church.

St. Stephan’s was near my school in Vienna and when I would have nothing going on I would just walk over and walk around the church. The main nave was massive. The ceilings were easily 75 to 100 feet high. Randomly there would be concerts or performances inside the church. Sometimes the organist would play a haunting chord to scare the bejeezus out of everyone (no pun intended). I am, as I have said in no way religious but I loved this church and it felt kind of like a home away from home.

Photo taken on: April 2nd, 2016 12:33


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