55. The Beginning and The End


Vienna, Austria

The Graben. This was the last photo I took in Vienna before I left to return to the United States. I titled it “The Beginning and The End” for a couple reasons. For starters its the photo you see at the top of this website and its the last photo on this website. More importantly its what the Graben and the First District of Vienna mean to me. When I first got to Vienna, I did what I like to do most when I get to a new city: get lost. By this I mean I turn off the phone, leave the map at home and just start walking. I think the benefit of this is you really feel like you are discovering a city. This sense of discovery never left during my entire time in Vienna. Each day felt like a new adventure, one that could result in any number of new experiences. Vienna, I miss you. I miss the bells ringing on the hour. I miss the Käsekrainer. I miss the Opera bathroom in the Karlsplatz Ubahn. I miss Rupp’s. I miss Klimt. I miss the Naschmarkt. I miss walking down Kärtnerstraße and never getting sick of the view.

On that first full day in Vienna I walked the Graben, having no idea what exactly I was looking at or what its significance was. All I know is, I felt like I was walking along the most beautiful street in the world. When I woke up on the last morning in Vienna, from the hotel I was staying at along the Graben, the street never looked more beautiful. The sun was shining through the cross streets, no tourists were out yet on what I’m sure turned out to be a busy day on the Graben. My final steps were on the Graben. I followed it on my first day and on my last day. The Beginning and The End.

Photo taken on: May 29th, 2016 7:06 AM



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