38. The Man Upstairs


Budapest, Hungary

Humanity is obsessed with making sense of things. Why are we here? Does my life have a purpose? Do things happen for a reason? Churches try to answer this. They’re orderly, symmetrical, well planned and with a clear hierarchical structure. High up in the center of the tallest point where your eye is drawn is a depiction of our creator. 

Churches remind me of many things. There’s amazing architecture such as this. There’s natural beauty all around us. There’s beauty in people looking out for each other, providing for the sick, needy, young or old.

I do think there is kind of a weird structure to things. Thats not suggesting that there is or is not meaning, there’s just rules. We can observe the universe and see that from our position things follow laws of nature. These laws of nature cannot be broken. Nothing travels faster than light, you cannot completely destroy matter or energy, if you drop an apple if falls the same way every time. Theres a structure, an order, chaotic as it is.

Thats what buildings like this reminded me of. Probably not the intention of the builders but the sense of manmade awe I got of the meticulously structure design made me think that there are unbreakable laws. A bit of stability in a incomprehensibly massive and grand cosmic reality we all live in.

Photo taken on: May 5th, 2016 12:46


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