37. Prater


Vienna, Austria

Located in the 2nd district, Prater is a massive public amusement park and one of the world’s oldest fairgrounds. Visiting Prater for the first time was a surreal experience. I felt like I was at Six Flags but everything was slightly off. There were “American BBQ” stalls that flew the confederate flag. Parts of the fairground were run down or abandoned. There was nobody who made you pay to enter you could just walk on and pay if you wanted to go on one of the individual rides or play one of the games. I did not ride the famous ferris wheel in Prater (I have a very irrational fear of ferris wheels) but I heard the whole thing felt very un-Vienna-like. Prater was one of the few places I went that felt like it didn’t belong in Vienna. The style of the amusement park felt like it belonged more in the 1980’s than 2016.

Overall I would recommend Prater only if you are in the city for a long time or living there. Its a neat experience but if you are American you will be reminded of Six Flags or comparable amusement parks constantly. There was a large public park around Prater that was very nice to walk through (only during the day). There’s so much to see in Vienna that I think better encapsulates what the city is than Prater.

Photo taken on: May 1st, 2016 5:29 PM


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