Final thoughts.

These pictures are not necessarily the ones that were the most indicative of my experience in terms of the highlights. Instead, I tried to choose the pictures that best told the story of living in Vienna and traveling for five months across Europe. Each photo means a lot to me. They weren’t always of the best moments but I think I wanted to pick the 55 photos that told my story and I thought came out the best. When you boil anything down to its elements you obviously lose some of the detail but I did my best to be honest and tell my story with these photos. I gave a lot of consideration to the photos that I felt showed the world from an interesting perspective. I am considering putting up some of the photos that didn’t quite make the cut as well although I don’t think that I would give as much detail into the descriptions.

I would like to thank a couple people, first my good friends who I lived with in Vienna. James, Rick, Sheehan, Daniel and Galen for inspiring me, indulging me, and sharing in many of these experiences with me. James and Rick for giving me infinite laughs and oodles of memes. Galen for planning arguably the best few days of my life in Amalfi and for being such a great friend. Daniel for showing me what all the fuss is about with musical art. Sheehan for being an amazing travel companion and for setting the tone for the whole experience by buying all of us a round our first night out. Of course, I want to thank Maria, for supporting me with this website and sharing so many amazing moments together in Europe. Many experiences I had in Vienna would never have happened without you, so thank you Maria.

I would like to thank my parents and my sisters, my stepdad and Charlie. Sammy, Dad, Charlie for visiting me and for allowing me to drag you around the city. Lindsey for supporting me from afar as she always has. My mom for visiting me at the end of the program and having one of the most special nights of my life at the Heurigen. Mitch for schlepping to Vienna after a business trip and for supporting me through the emotional transition back home.

Lastly, I want to thank Vienna. For changing me, challenging me, inspiring me, and for welcoming me. As I left you teary eyed and homesick I knew that I would be back again soon and that your places near and dear to me will be waiting.

Danke. Thank you for reading and viewing these photos.


“It’s gets easier, you have to do it every day that’s the hard part, but it does get easier.”


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