15. Lux


Vatican City, Rome, Italy

A visit to Rome is not complete without stopping in to St. Peters to say hello. This church is epic in its scale and its grandeur. Strangely both times I’ve been to the church were right before Easter Sunday. Both times the outside of the church had been set up with thousands and thousands of chairs ready to watch the pope give his address. 

The last time I was at St. Peters Pope Francis was giving his first Easter Sunday sermon. I was younger and it was my first time there. This time things felt a little different. I didn’t rush to see everything rather I tried to appreciate everything I saw and I was traveling with a friend who was religious. Seeing the church through his eyes really added to the experience. This was a place of pilgrimage not just a man made marvel. The emotional and spiritual significance was lost on me the first time I was there. This was where the voice of god on earth gave his addresses. This was more than a place where Michelangelo and Raphael painted, it was a holy place. I felt that sense of holiness on my second visit to St. Peters.

Photo taken on: March 18th, 2016 3:55


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