11. The Highest Room in the Tallest Tower


Vienna, Austria

Taken from the top of the dome of Karlskirche, this was a common site from viewpoints across Europe. Every landmark that had some vacant wall space would have hundreds of names, messages, and thoughts inscribed on them. I thought it was extremely fitting that many of these would be written in a church. Quite literally people were writing their prayers on these walls. Lovers who wrote each others names hoping that their love for each other would last eternally. 

The climb to the top of Karlskirche was memorable. It was a Saturday. Most of my friends were busy or resting after an eventful Friday night so I decided to venture out into the city alone. I had seen Karlskirche from the outside almost every day. It was near Karlsplatz so when I would get out the Ubahn I would walk past it or see it from a distance. The church is unbelievably impressive. The two Trajan columns out front could not be more imposing. The interior was classic Austrian style. Incredibly ornate decorations, gold leaf over all the altars and decorating many of the walls. What made this church unique was they had a scaffolding on the inside that you could take an elevator up to a set of stairs. Once you climbed the stairs you were standing inside of the dome of the church.

I don’t really do well with heights (as my travel companions know all to well) so getting to the top of the dome was a bit of a struggle. I made it to the top though and managed to take this picture. The light was perfect and the views of Vienna were amazing.

Vet tip, this is way easier than climbing St. Stephan’s. The view from St. Stephan’s is cooler but the climb up to the top is really difficult.

Photo taken on: February 20th, 2016 3:28 PM


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