4. Snowfall in Maria Theresien-Platz


Vienna, Austria

There was only one snowy weekend while I was in Vienna. My roommate Rick and I set out into the snowy landscape and thankfully I got to see Vienna from this unique perspective. Ironically, although it only snowed that one weekend it was freezing cold in Vienna up until late April. The identical twin museums of the Kunsthistoriches (art history museum) and the Naturhistoriches (natural history museum which is pictured here) are impressive to say the least.

One of my favorite parts of Vienna was this square, with the massive statue of Maria Theresa standing between the two identical buildings. In this square there would commonly be two guys wearing horse-head masks playing the accordion. Truly a spectacle worthy of Vienna.

I like this photo because it has almost an apocalyptic feel. The figure in the center is bent over almost with the weight of the snow itself. The figure on the right is striding confidently towards the museum. For some reason I can’t help but imagine that this photo has some sort of mystery about it. I wish I had gotten to see more snowfall in Vienna because it was truly beautiful.


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