8. The Pendulum


Prague, Czech Republic

This photo benefits from a bit of backstory. The sculpture is called the Prague Metronome and it was built on the site of a former statue of Josef Stalin. The base of the Stalin statue still exists and it is massive. The Metronome overlooks the entire city of Prague and the views from this vantage point are spectacular. As a history major in school I thought this place had particular symbolic significance for the history of Prague.

My title for this photo “The Pendulum” comes from the fact that I feel history itself swings back and forth on a cycle of general sentiment. I feel that the title of the actual sculpture “The Prague Metronome” also alludes to this feeling. There’s no way to combat this pendulum swinging eventually people like Josef Stalin take control of a group of people and cause immense devastation.

Behind the monument there is a large skatepark, where young kids spray graffiti and film artistic videos of themselves skateboarding. I cant think of a better affront to Josef Stalin and the values of conformity he espoused.

I particularly like the sun in this photo, it almost feels like this sun is as imposing and inevitable as the metronome itself. The sun, like the forces of history are a force of nature and all we can do as a species is recognize this fact and do our best to manage the natural forces that control the world around us.

Photo taken on: February 7th, 2016 2:47 PM


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