3. The Seasons

Vienna, Austria

I took a class in Vienna about the current art exhibitions in the city. In this class we went to dozens of museums around the city, I saw buildings in Vienna I never would have be able to have seen had I not taken this class. One of the museums we went to was the Kunsthistoriches (Art History Museum) which is located opposite the museum pictured here, which is the Naturhistoriches (Natural History) museum. In the Kunsthistoriches museum was Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s “Winter” painting, one of the four paintings from his four seasons collection. I wrote a paper about the Winter painting for my art history class. I wrote about how the seasons were personifications of the different stages of a rulers life. Spring represented a youthful ruler, summer was a ruler in his prime, autumn was an aging ruler, and winter was a ruler at the end of his life. I was surprised then to discover that I had taken two almost identical photos of Maria Theresa and the Naturhistoriches, one in winter and one in spring. The parallel was unintended but remarkable that I had unintentionally imitated Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s work. Here’s a link to the Arcimboldo paintings: http://www.sothebys.com/content/dam/stb/lots/L13/L13033/220L13033_5ZRF6_ipad.jpg

Also, I counted this as one photo, so technically there are 56 photos here but who’s counting.

Photos taken on: January 23rd, 2016 3:08 PM and April 19th, 2016





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