What this is.

Hi! My name is Max. I am 21 years old. Last semester I was abroad in Vienna Austria and traveled around Europe. It was an amazing and life changing experience. While I was in Austria and traveling I took a lot of photos. By a lot I mean a lot. I had a little over 10000 pictures that I took on my iPhone. Since I got back to the United States I’ve been sorting through these pictures. Needless to say it took a while to go through all those pictures. I wanted to pick the top 54 pictures, which would have been the number of pictures I could have taken had I only had two disposable cameras. Remember those? The annoying yellow things you would wind up and the flash would temporarily blind everyone within a 2 mile radius? Its weird because although the iPhone allowed me to take a ton of pictures, which I am grateful for, it made each picture mean a little less. When you had a disposable camera you really had to think about each picture you took because you had such a finite number. Most disposable cameras only allowed 27 pictures per camera. I did cheat a little bit because I just could not limit myself to 54 pictures, lets just pretend I had a disposable camera that had one extra picture, that happened right? I thought that restricting myself to this finite number of photos would simulate the experience of what it was like to have a disposable camera. There were cool pictures that I was forced to omit from this because I had to pick the top 55 pictures. Of course, you also had to struggle with the fact that you couldn’t even look at the pictures until you had all of them developed.  If I had the foresight to know what images would mean the most to me, these are the 55 pictures I would have taken with my two disposable cameras.

How the site works.

Feel free to scroll through the site, each picture will be posted in chronological order. I wrote a bit of information about each picture, some backstory, some details etc. I included a bit of that information at the bottom of each picture but if you want more hit the “Read More” button to get the full text for each picture. Once you hit the “Read More” button you can click the buttons on the bottom of the page to see each picture individually with the longer captions. Additionally theres a drop down menu on the top left with a little bit about myself and links to my various social media pages. On the top right you’ll find all the pictures conveniently posted if you just want to scroll through them.

A little bit about the pictures.

  • 22 from Vienna
  • 2 from the Austrian Alps
  • 3 from Prague
  • 1 from Berlin
  • 1 from Amsterdam
  • 4 from Rome/Vatican City
  • 3 from the Amalfi Coast
  • 6 from Paris
  • 4 from Barcelona
  • 2 from Salzburg
  • 6 From Budapest
  • 2 From Munich
  • 9 are in or feature prominently a church

Thanks and enjoy!!


1. Rebirth


Mariazell, Austria

The start of my journey took place at an orientation in the Austrian Alps in a small town called Mariazell. The orientation was typical fare, safety information, basic german phrases, things to do and not do in the country. What was remarkable about this brief introductory session was our surroundings. I had never seen so many mountains so tall before. They towered over you in every direction. We took a walk around a high glacial lake when I snapped this photo. Read More

2. Karlsplatz


Vienna, Austria

Taken in the Karlsplatz Ubahn station, where I traveled almost every day. Vienna’s beautiful and phenomenal public transportation never ceased to amaze me. If a train was arriving in over 4 minutes the Viennese were upset. Walking through this passage in the Karlsplatz Ubahn station felt like walking through a modern art museum. Birds would sometimes fly almost inches above your head. Those lines on the ground were for blind people, so they could run their cane on the ground and help them navigate the public transport.

Photo taken on: January 21st, 2016 12:26 PM

3. The Seasons

Vienna, Austria

I took a class in Vienna about the current art exhibitions in the city. In this class we went to dozens of museums around the city, I saw buildings in Vienna I never would have be able to have seen had I not taken this class. One of the museums we went to was the Kunsthistoriches (Art History Museum) which is located opposite the museum pictured here, which is the Naturhistoriches (Natural History) museum. Read More

4. Snowfall in Maria Theresien-Platz


Vienna, Austria

There was only one snowy weekend while I was in Vienna. My roommate Rick and I set out into the snowy landscape and thankfully I got to see Vienna from this unique perspective. Ironically, although it only snowed that one weekend it was freezing cold in Vienna up until late April. The identical twin museums of the Kunsthistoriches (art history museum) and the Naturhistoriches (natural history museum which is pictured here) are impressive to say the least. Read More

5. The Quadrille


Vienna, Austria

This is what made Vienna unique. Vienna still has balls, like classical balls from fairy tales and cheap romantic novels. This picture was taken at the TU Students ball. It was in the Hofburg Palace. The dance everyone is doing is called the Quadrille. Basically its kind of like a victorian era cha-cha slide but with partners.  Read More